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September 29, 2008


A couple people emailed me asking how many sibling I have ( I think I mentioned on a previous post something about my sisters).  

I currently have six siblings, five sisters and one brother.  I also have a sister-to-be (hopefully!) that my parents are adopting from Haiti and a sister (from Haiti) that passed away as an infant.  

I’m currently right in the middle of the kids – 3 older sibs and 3 younger sibs.  I also have a bunch of nieces and nephews. We have a big, fun, family.  I love it.

From oldest to youngest:
J. (has 3 kids)
M. (has 5 kids)
A. (has 2 kids)
S. (me)
C. (my almost twin, we’re 13m apart and were always super close)
K. (adopted from Haiti at age 2, is now 6!)
F. (the youngest and only boy. adopted from Haiti at age 10m, is now 3!)
and then there is M. (my sister-to-be in Haiti, 15 years old)

So there you have it for anyone interested!

September 28, 2008

At the Lake

September 27, 2008

Long day

Long day today – I’m so tired!

Schnider has had a really bad runny nose for 2.5 weeks.  Took him to the doctor last week b/c he woke up with a fever two nights in a row.  They said its a cold.  This is the longest stinkin’ cold I’ve ever seen.  ~sigh~

Booked my Haiti tickets yesterday.  It is a relief to have them booked (again – we had to cancel a trip in Sept because of the hurricanes) but I’m so scared, sad, nervous, etc about taking Schnider home.  He’s been with us a year and has become such an integral part of our family – it is so hard to picture life without him here now.   I honestly just try not to think about it, if I think about it too much I get really upset.  A day at a time and lots of prayer. 

Did K’s hair today and in the process seriously considered locs.  If I could talk my mom into it, I think K and I would both be happy.   I showed K pictures of a friends little sister who has locs (thats Jordyn’s hair, Nadia!)  and she loved the way it looked.  She said “I would like forever braids”.  Thats how I explained them .  We’ll see.  They are just so…permanent.  

One of my sisters (I have five, going on six for those of you who don’t know) called at 8:15pm completely desperate for black leggings.  She was going somewhere and absolutely, HAD to wear black leggings with her outfit.   Strange.  I’ve never had black leggings on in my life, let alone had a legging emergency.  So I drove in, picked her up, rushed to a department store before they closed at nine so we could pick out some black leggings.  The things I do for her sometimes.   Earlier this week she had a toilet paper, grapes and coca-cola emergency.  Desperate for them, I tell you.   

Schnider and I went to the mall today to pick up some Chinese food.  We came upon another toddler boy  and his mother.  Turns out the kid was 15 months old too and only a little bit bigger than Schnider.  (Most kids his age are huge compared to him,  he’s so tiny)  His mom and I stood and talked for about 10 minutes or so and during that time Schnider and this little boy stared at each with complete wonder.  I don’t think either one of them moved a muscle in 10 minutes – they just stood about a foot apart and s.t.a.r.e.d intently.  They wouldn’t even wave at each other (which is odd for Schnider because he waves at everyone and everything) they just stared.   It was funny. 

Tomorrow is homecoming at our local university (yay!) and so we’re headed to the homecoming parade in the morning.  I’m sure I’ll get some pictures.  Last year I got hit in the head with candy – I hope to make it back this year without any injuries.  :)


September 24, 2008

Schnider (15 months)  has figured out how to blow his nose.  I was so excited when he started actually blowing into the tissue!   But now he’s been walking around blowing his nose into his hand.  EWWW.  I don’t want him to think that blowing his nose is wrong, but have got to get him to blow into a tissue.   My grandmother suggested this morning that we stick a tissue in his pocket so that he can blow his nose on that.  I’m guessing he won’t remember to pull the tissue out of his pocket to blow his nose. ;)  He also has figured out that everyone thinks its cute when he walks around pretending to sneeze.  He has a very dramatic “AAAAHHHH, CHOOOOO” that he does while doubling over holding his face.  It is pretty darn cute. 

September 23, 2008

It’s not a secret…

I have an addiction.  I collect baby slings.   I buy them, try them out, hang on them for a while, sell them, buy a different kind, etc.   S.  loves being his his sling – even now at 15 months old.  Sometimes he’ll drag it to me and give me his “up, up” sign.  He gets all excited when he seems me get them out.  Today I got to help my sister figure out slings for the first time with her new baby.  I took over my favorite ring sling – a Kanga African ring sling and my new Ultimate Baby Wrap.  I LOVE the wrap.  Like cloth diapers, I’m kicking myself I didn’t use this from the moment we got S.  It is SO comfy, soft and easy to use.  If you are looking for a nice wrap sling check it out. 

September 21, 2008

Protected: Some Cute Kids

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September 21, 2008

Protected: Testing

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September 21, 2008

New Blog

Hi everyone – this is our new blog – moved over from Blogger.  I think I’m going to like wordpress a lot better.   Like I mentioned on the old blog – some of the posts will be private on this blog.  I will be emailing out the password to family/friends.  Let me know if you don’t get the email and think you should have.  :) Email: