It’s not a secret…

I have an addiction.  I collect baby slings.   I buy them, try them out, hang on them for a while, sell them, buy a different kind, etc.   S.  loves being his his sling – even now at 15 months old.  Sometimes he’ll drag it to me and give me his “up, up” sign.  He gets all excited when he seems me get them out.  Today I got to help my sister figure out slings for the first time with her new baby.  I took over my favorite ring sling – a Kanga African ring sling and my new Ultimate Baby Wrap.  I LOVE the wrap.  Like cloth diapers, I’m kicking myself I didn’t use this from the moment we got S.  It is SO comfy, soft and easy to use.  If you are looking for a nice wrap sling check it out. 


2 Comments to “It’s not a secret…”

  1. Do you think this would work for a 2yo too and are they hard to put on? I love slings/baby carriers too but sometimes they are so HARD to get on that it takes 2 ppl. :)


  2. Hey Ann,

    It isn’t hard to put on at all. I taught my sister how to do it in about 5 minutes and she’s not a sling user. The instruction video shows them slinging a toddler in the back and hip carry. I know the back carry takes 2 people, but the hip carry doesn’t. Schnider is only 20lbs so I don’t know how it would be carrying a bigger kid in it.

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