Last warm day…

Well, I think that we spent our last warm day outside on Monday.  Tuesday was cool, today was almost COLD!   I don’t have many warm clothes for Schnider.   I didn’t do any warm-weather clothes shopping for him since we’re leaving soon and I knew he wouldn’t be here for the cold weather.  I’m digging out some of the stuff that was a little big from last winter (he honestly hasn’t gotten very much bigger – he’s still tiny and fits his 6-9 month stuff fairly well and I have some 12 months stuff that was too big on him before) , but it isn’t much!  We’ll deal with it for the short period of time he has left here.  

Don’t you just love babies in bib overalls?  I know I do.  I just think they are so cute on that age where the babies are learning to walk and still all wobbly. 

I had Schnider downstairs in the basement with me while I was switching the laundry and he found his pool boat.   He obviously wanted to take it upstairs because he drug it across the basement to the stairs and tried to go up the stairs with it.  So – we brought it upstairs and he’s been a happy camper playing in it the last couple of days.  Whats with the tongue and showing me his chewed food lately?  Boy, toddler thing??

Oh – another milestone.  He’s figured out how to get his leg across his hippo (push/ride-on toy) and can scoot himself a little now.   When Roobens was here Schnider used to push R. around on this thing all the time.  I think I have video of it somewhere.  I’ll look for it. 

Don’t you love how Schnider’s diaper and shirt match his socks?!  LOL.  He had the cutest outfit on today.  Blue jeans, the brown shirt, brown shoes, blue diaper and the brown/blue socks.   It was so matchy and adorable.  Got those socks at GAP on clearance – 2 pairs for $1, can you believe it???  I love deals like that.  Of course he promptly got food, dirt, slobber and who-knows-what-else all over his clothes.  Oh well…

I started packing today.  UGH.   This is so hard.  I have been fighting tears pretty much all day these last couple of days as I get his stuff together.   I usually let myself have one big cry in the evenings and then suck it up for the next 24 hours.  Praying that God’s will be done in Schnider life.  No matter how much we love him,  God loves him more and I know HE will take care of Schnider wherever he is. 


One Comment to “Last warm day…”

  1. I admire your sacrifical, loving ministry to Schnider so very much. What a blessing God gave him in his time with you.

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