Hello from Haiti

Just wanted to update everyone on whats going on here.  I haven’t had a chance to be online for a while, so sorry for no updates.

Schnider left with his family this morning.  We’ve had them (Schnider and mom) with us until this morning, just trying to help ease the transition from me to mom.  He definitely still preferred me, but was going to mom to hand her toys, take food from her, etc.  They were supposed to stay a few more days but dad wanted them to come home.  Schnider barely cried when they left which was an answer to prayer.  I feel like my heart is broken and I’m just really upset right now missing him.  Continue to pray for me.  God has been working on me though and I actually felt calmer this morning about the whole thing then I did the entire time we’ve been here.  I’ll have to tell everyone more about it later, I’m trying to keep my mind on other things right now.

We were in in Port for several days but are at RHFH right now.

While I’ve been to  Haiti many times this is my first time out of the city.  I have to say – I’d be happy to never to go to Port again.  The countryside is beautiful and the people so much nicer.

We were in one of the exam rooms when a woman came in with her 12 months old baby boy with Kwash.  Licia is going to admit him.  It was heartbreaking. His skin is peeling and he’s all swollen.  He just laid on the table and cried so pitifully.  His mom was crying too.  Licia said she is breastfeeding but the baby still got like this, so mom must not have enough to give him.  Pray for him.

I spent some time loving on the babies in the RC and am in love.  I’ll have tons of pictures to share when I get home. They are so sweet/sad.  When I walked into the room a teeny baby was laying on the ground crying (they were bathing all the kids and he was waiting his turn).  TINY – maybe 4 or 5 pounds?  I picked him up and held him for a long time until he fell asleep.  What a blessing.

DD and I have been following Jeanne around looking at everything and observing in the clinic.  It is amazing what they do here and all the people they help every day.  I watched a couple of dressing changes (including the rotten foot guy who had his toes amputated – YUCK),  saw some stitches being taken out, saw some kids with burns get their dressings changed, listened in on a few examinations of people with general colds, flu, fever.  One lady has a huge abscess/infection on her ankle.  Looks really painful.  I’m going to go back down and get back into the action in a few minutes.  One certainly can stay distracted here.

Thank you to everyone that is praying for us.  Keep it up.  I’ll try to update more later.


2 Responses to “Hello from Haiti”

  1. praying salem, I know how it feels, and it’s not easy, but the heartbreak does ease up with time.


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