Good morning!

Days start early here.  Seems like whenever I come to Haiti I turn into one of those people that go to bed at 9pm and get up at 5am.  Last night was no exception.  In bed before 9 and up about 5:30.  Things are hopping here by 5:30.  People are lined up outside the gates to get a number for Clinic today.  Babies crying, dogs barking, horns honking, trash burning, people talking, etc.   Jeanne (a volunteer here) and I were talking yesterday as we walked through the market that there is no way to accurately describe this to people.  You can explain and show pictures, but unless you are actually here, smelling the smells, listening to the sounds, feeling the heat, you just don’t get it.  I’m taking a lot of video this trip so that I can try to better show people what goes on here.  Hopefully that will help.

I spent most of the day going between the Clinic and the Rescue Center.  The rescue center is hard for me.  I’m a kid person.  I LOVE babies.  Just seeing the condition of some of these babies breaks my heart.  I am so happy  they are here getting what they need, but it makes me so angry that they have to get to this point – that they have to be here at all.

Yesterday I was standing in the dressing room when Licia came in with a mom and baby boy.  The baby, J.  is 12 months old.  He weighs 12lbs and some of that is the water weight from the Kwash he has.  Licia said you can tell he was more swollen and it has gone down some.  The skin on most of his body is peeling off.  His mom was breastfeeding him and doing what she can, but she didn’t have enough to give him.  When she was in the room with J.  she had tears in her eyes and this desperate look on her face.  You could just tell how scared she was for her baby.   Licia admitted him into the Rescue Center yesterday so they can try to get him well.  I spent some time with his yesterday.  We cuddled and I tried to keep the flies off of him.  He has the biggest, sweetest  eyes.  Please pray for him.  Please pray he makes it.

We went walking yesterday up to the market.  It was dying down as we got there so I guess it wasn’t as crazy as it usually is.  Crazy enough for me though.   Lori was telling us that a lot of these people make their money by transporting the goods from one location to the other and selling it for a little more than what they paid for it.  For example, they will go up into the mountains and buy food, fruits, vegetables, etc. stuff that grows up there.  Then they will come down here where that stuff doesn’t grow as much and sell it for a little more than what they paid for it.  They try to sell it anyway.   I got some nice pictures of the meat section – goat heads and all, but will spare you those at the moment.

I better get going.  I need to get dressed and get downstairs.  I will try to share more later.


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