Thursday October 16th

No pictures today.  They take a long time to upload and I don’t feel like messing with it today.

Yesterday was more of the same.  Hung out in the clinic and the RC.  Baby J. (with Kwash) looked good yesterday.  Last time I was down there he was eating some kind of of soupy/rice thing and loving it.  He’s so sweet.

Clinic was more of the same.  Lots of colds, fevers, flu, aches and pains with the occasional oddity thrown in.   I was sitting in the pregnant lady room (as I call it – its pregnant moms to babies age 2) when Lori came in and told me she was going to take a roach out of a kids ear if I wanted to come watch.  LOL.  So exciting.  So I went in an watched the process.  Kid was 3 or 4 years old and was being held down by the nurse.  SCREAMING at the top of his lungs.  He was screaming “I’m dying…I’m dying…”  Poor little guy.  Lori did her thing and out came this weird round thing.  Not a roach.  We’re not sure what it was.  His mom took it home with her for some reason.

A cleft baby came in yesterday.  Brand new born the morninig before.  He has what looks to me to be a very wide unilateral cleft lip and palate.  (Sarah – his lip/palate reminds me a lot of Lena’s).  Dad seemed very happy that he was a boy but knew that the baby wasn’t “normal”.  Lori talked to him about clefts, that it wasn’t his or the moms fault and what could be done for his baby.  The dad said that he was breastfeeding but I’m not sure that is possible, so hopefully he’ll come back if it isn’t working.  Lori gave him two cleft bottles (Sarah – Lori only has one left, we need to get more down here!)  and told him to have mom express the milk into the bottles if the breastfeeding wasn’t working.  Hopefully he’ll be able to eat OK.   Lori and I talked about options for him.  We’re going to email his pictures to Operation Smile and see if they think his surgery can be done here.  I’m not sure though.  He may have to come to the states.

A boy came in yesterday with a badly contracted (is that the right word?) hand.  He was burned as a little boy and his parents never sought help for him.  His hand is in a permanent fist.  He’s 16 now and Lori is hoping to send him to a plastic surgeon that is visiting over at Cange.  (Partners in Health)  I think they are going to try to send some people on Monday.

I’m trying to think what else happened yesterday.  I pulled a bunch of files, learned how to look files up on the computer (so confusing) and put files away.   I helped a guy find a pair of glasses that worked for him.  He was an older guy and tried on a gazillion pairs before finally saying “c’est bon” Hopefully they will help him.  A woman came in for a birth control shot and through the course of questioning the nurse must have suspected the woman was pregnant because she gave her a little cup and told her to go pee in it.  The woman did and brought it back into the room.  They popped the test strip in and it came positive.  I’m not sure if the woman was sad, or just surprised?  Its hard for me to tell sometimes and I don’t have a good enough grasp of the language to catch a lot of of what is being said.

I have other stories but I better get going.  I am riding in town with Zach today to take my friend to the airport.  More later.


2 Comments to “Thursday October 16th”

  1. Salem, I love reading your updates about your trip. I wish I could be there. When are you returning home?

  2. I am fascinated by these entries about your visit with Lori & Licia and all that goes on at RHFH on a daily basis!

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