Am I crazy?

I just signed Keith and I up for adoption pre-service classes.  We’ve known we were going to adopt for a while.  Several times we’ve said, OK – we’ll start now.  And we’d start all the paperwork and then something would happen and we’d stop or not be able to move forward.   I’m hoping it works this time.   I think it will. 

We’re hoping to adopt a special needs baby (under age 2).  Probably internationally, but we’re open to domestic too if the program is right.   If you know of any great programs for adopting special needs infants let me know.  I’m still researching.


3 Comments to “Am I crazy?”

  1. I love you… I just wanted you to know that. :)
    Also, I am so excited to watch this journey unfold and to see what little blessed baby becomes yours.

  2. yay! I’m so excited for you guys. I can’t wait to see where the adoption rollercoaster takes you.

  3. Good for you, Salem! I’m so excited for you guys – I know how much love you have to give! Some baby is gonna luck OUT!

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