I have a story…

about this little boy.  I’ll share it later.  But I just came across this picture again and had to share it.  There is something in his eyes that makes me want to cry. You can’t see the bruises in this picture, but he had a lot of them.  We were able to fill his belly that afternoon – but what about the weeks since we’ve left?  Has he had enough food?  Probably not.  Have people been kind to him? Probably not.  Does he have a safe, clean place to live?  I can almost guarantee he doesn’t.  He is one of thousands of kids in Haiti just like him.  Kids living on the streets, begging, scavenging, doing what they can to survive.  I wish I could help him.  I wish I’d done more for him during that very short time he stood in front of me on a street in Haiti.  I don’t know his name or how to ever find him again but I can still pray for him.   Pray that somehow his circumstances change and he is able to get what he needs to live a happy, healthy and safe life.


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