How do you like that for an inspired title?  Sorry for the lack of postings.

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing the new picture of Schnider as much as I did.  He looks so happy!  That is such a relief.  We still, of course, miss him SO MUCH.  I still find myself on the verge of tears once or twice a day when I come across one of his things or when F. asks me in the mornings if Schnider is back yet.   I think K. gets it that he isn’t coming back, but F. (who is 3.5) doesn’t really seem to understand or remember that he lives in Haiti now with his mommy and daddy and isn’t coming back.  ~sigh~

Our preservice class is (kinda) over.  The class we attended is over, but we missed yesterdays class so we have to go on November 21 to another class so we can make it up.  I heard it was a tough day as its the day they deal with sexual abuse.  Yuck.

In the last week or so we’ve gathered a lot of adoption information and we’re at this poring leaning towards going one direction but not 100% sure yet.   We’re going to try to sit down soon and look at all the paperwork again and start making some firm decisions.  The one direction we’re leaning looks REALLY good, if it is as good as it appears.  We’ll see…

In the midst of researching we came across various adoption situations that piqued our interest:

1. Two Haitian brothers (here in the U.S.) ages 8 months and 24 months.  Oooo, I was hoping we could get more information on this situation as it sounded right up our alley, but the agency never emailed me back. :(

2. A Mexican baby girl due soon (in a month!) that is going to be born with Spina Bifida.  We actually are still waiting to hear some more information on this situation and what the fees will be.   If we don’t end up being the family for this sweet baby girl,  we have friends who might be interested. (I bet some people can guess who that would be!)

3. Expectant mom looking to place her baby with an AA family.  We aren’t AA, but since we have other adopted children in the family the agency thought the mom might be interested in us.  Fees too high for us though.

4. Biracial baby in FL (I think?) born several weeks ago and has been in the hospital until now.  Not sure what his medical needs are – I never heard back from the agency.

5.  Several moms due with African American babies soon and families are needed to present to them.

Etc, etc, etc.  I think I’ve probably talked to 20 or 30 agencies in the last week.  Most, the fees are just way out of our budget range.  I yi yi.

Thoughts I’d get down a couple of things that K and F have said/done lately.  I keep reminding myself that I need to write these things down,  I know that 10 years from now we’ll be kicking ourselves to remember some of these things from their childhood.  That’s what my mom says about my sisters and I anyway.   I guess this is better than nothing!

– I was sitting on the couch looking through one of the waiting child booklets we got from an agency  (mostly international children with special needs).  K. (age 6) came and sat on the couch and glanced at the book.  She then, very seriously,  started studying the pictures.  F. (age 3.5) came over and pointed to a little Indian boy and asked “That’s me?”  I explained to him (them) that this book has pictures of little kids that don’t have any families and that Keith and were thinking about having a child who doesn’t have a family come live with us so we can be their family.   At that point, K. came alive and very quickly told me what type of child we should have come live with us.  Per K.’s instructions – we must adopt a girl.  A little bit older than K. but not very big.  She must be nice and “not wild”  (K. said “not wild” several times”)  K. also specified that the girl should be from China (her best friend is from China). (I didn’t have the heart to break it to her that we can’t adopt from China.)   But then, she spotted a little boy from India (not the one F. thought was him) and said that we should have him come live with us because “he looks like Schnider”.   F.  had no opinions on our future child. 

– This happened a while ago but I keep forgetting to write it down.  We were walking in Walmart when we passed the photo studio.  It was closed and dark inside there.  F. pointed into the studio as we passed and said “Is that Outer Space”.  I told him no, it was a place where people take pictures and that outer space was up in the sky where the moon is.  He thought for a second and said:

F: “I want to be a space man when I get big”. 
Me: “You mean you want to be an astronaut?”
F: “Yes, an ater-not (pause…) or a crocodile.

So now we know F.’s career ambitions. 

– K. did something she thought was hysterical the other day.  Keith got something in the mail that came in a large box full of those little packing peanuts.  K. and F. spent about an hour playing with them one afternoon when K. came up with an idea that greatly excited them.  She came upstairs and searched through the drawers until she found some markers and some ribbon.  She asked me to cut a long piece of ribbon off, which I did.  She then disappeared again and about 15 minutes later came back carrying the box.  They had drawn and wrote all over it.  K.  wrote “I love you” drew hearts, flowers, designs etc and wrote “For Ceef” (Keith) They then tied the ribbon around the box and K. asked me to make it into a bow.  She then, proudly and excitedly announced that when Keith came home I should give him the box and tell him it was a present from K. and F.   She said he will be very excited and will open it.  But when he looks inside (here K. breaks into hysterical laughter) there will be nothing inside but packing peanuts!  It was pretty funny to see how completely excited she was at the prospect of tricking Keith.   Funny kid… can that be considered her first practical joke?

Off to answer some of my 150 waiting emails…



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  1. i cannot belive how grown and beautiful K is. what a sweet baby she was. why does it have to go so fast? anyway, loking forward to reading how you decide to proceed with having your first baby/child. thinking of you. love, ali

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