Is everyone tired of reading the parrot story? LOL.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! We had a good time.  Keith and I hosted thanksgiving at our house this year.  We got the house all nice and clean (its still clean!) and other people brought the food.  So I did no cooking – which is good, because I’m not much of a cook.  :) It’s always good to have everyone together. 

Saturday my friend Chelsey and I took K. and F. ice skating for the first time.  K. loved it – F. hated it.  LOL.  K. keeps asking to go back, so we’ll have to do that soon without F.   He stood on his feet a total of about 20 seconds –  then plopped himself down and that was the end of it.  K. on the other hand did very well.  She started out holding onto us, then moved to a chair which she pushed around the ice (they let the little kids push around little kiddy chairs to balance themselves) then by the end was skating on her own around the ring.  She feel every few feet but got right back up and kept going.  I was so proud of her. :)

Sunday after church Keith and I worked on filling out our adoption paperwork.  We did the child characteristic checklist.   I don’t like those things.  I feel so bad checking “will not consider” but there are just some special needs we know we can’t handle right now – so it had to be done.  I was happy to see though that we had much more “will consider” than “will not consider” on our papers.  Yay!   My next step is to fill out the questionnaire for the grant program we’re using and then it’ll be ready to get it all sent in!

Yesterday – I spent the day at my parents house with K. and F.  My mom starts a part-time job soon and has to go for training starting this week.  So, I’m here with the kids and my grandma until one of them gets home.  It’ll be like this for the next 2 weeks. 

If you haven’t checked on the MAT recently – you should!  We’ve been busy and there has been a lot going on.  That job is so rewarding, I love it.  We have great volunteers, connect with some amazingly generous doctors and hospitals and get to work with other organizations “on-the-ground” in these countries.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t have nearly enough time to get done all that I need to get done (OK – most of the time I feel like that!) but once you see a sick child arrive , and they get the medical care they need, the child starts to thrive and you know they are going to be OK….its just a great feeling. :)

Keith and I put together a package for Schnider and sent it out yesterday.  Jamie and Aaron are headed down to RHFH to see their cuties and will deliver it for us.  We sent some of his toys, some of his favorite snacks and K. drew him a picture.  I did buy a new toy for him and am so excited about it!  I found a toy phone called “Mom’s On The Phone”.  It is a cute phone that allows the adult to record a message into it – so when the kid pushes the big button on front, its like you’re talking on the phone to the child!  Keith and I recorded a message for Schnider and sent it down.  I’m so excited for him to get it. :)  He LOVES talking on the phone and I know he would have loved that when he was here.  It would be an awesome toy for adoptive families too – who are sending gifts to their kids.  You can check them out HERE. (though I got mine, new, on ebay)



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