Adoption Update (or non-update, sorry) –

We’ve got almost all our paperwork done for our homestudy and the WACAP AAI program.  I recently talked to WACAP and we’ve decided to hold off turning anything in until after the 1st of the year.   Its just too crazy trying to schedule appointments and such around Christmas.  All we have left though is the homestudy, our physicals, and I have to get copies of our marriage license.   Oh, and Keith has to fill out our financial form and find me copies of our tax returns.   BUT – most of the stuff on our checklist is checked off.  YAY!

Today was my parents homestudy.  This was their third homestudy so they were pretty calm about it I think.  It was fast – the lady was there and gone in about an hour.   They get the fingerprints done next week for the I-600A.  I think they are almost done.  Hopefully they can get it to Haiti soon. We’re all anxious for M. to get here…and I know she is anxious to get here!  Here is a picture of she and I when I was in Haiti last.  She’s such a sweet girl!

s and m in haiti

In true Ohio fashion, it was like 52 degrees here recently – yes, the day after it snowed and was so cold.  Today we colder and they are calling for snow again.  The weather has been so weird.  When I was little we always had BIG snows, like several feet of snow and schools were closed for a week.  Now, we get a dusting now and again, but nothing like we had when I was little.  Weirdness…

Well, Survivorman is on and Les is getting ready to eat some enormous locusts so I better go watch. :)  More later…


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