Crazy days!

Last night – while Keith’s mom was sick in the ER, Keith’s aunt and uncles business caught fire.  Keith called the house about 11pm to see what was going on – his nephew answered the phone very upset and said that the business was on fire.  Keith and I were thinking about going over to be with his mom anyway, but when he heard that he decided we need to go.  We headed over and found craziness there.  Fire trucks from 3 counties were working on the fire, but the back building of the business is pretty much completely destroyed.  :(  While this was going on his mom was in the ER after being taken there by ambulance.  She’s been sick for about 2 weeks but got very bad yesterday and I guess she couldn’t hardly walk because she was so weak.   She’s hospitalized right now – they are giving her fluids and think she has pneumonia.   We got home about 2am last night then went back over today to check on the damage at the business and visit his mom in the hospital.  They live about an hour away, but we wanted to see if everyone was OK.  Pray for his family – they have a lot going on.  

On a good note – on our way back home we have to cross a toll bridge.  Keith was being a nice driver and let someone in front of him who was stopped trying to get into traffic.  The guy must have been grateful because when we got up to the toll booth we found out that he paid our toll.  Well, Keith has his stuff ready, so he went ahead and paid for the person behind us.  I just love the thought of something like that going back from car to car.   The toll booth operator seemed pretty tickled by the whole thing.  :)


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  1. oh no! Praying!!!

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