Prints for Sale, Adoption Stuff and more…

**I am going to leave this post at the top for a little while – be sure to scroll down for updated posts**

As we move forward with our adoption plans – it has become clear that we need to raise some money! 

I’ve decided to try to sell some of my photographs online.    The prints will come to you professionally printed and mounted and ready for framing.  They are great for your home or to give as gifts.  I’ve got a couple in my house and they look AWESOME.  (If I may say so myself!)

All the funds we raise through the sale of these prints will be used towards our adoption!  We are so excited to be moving forward.

Here is the link to the online “shop”.

Speaking of adoption – most of you know our plan is to adopt a baby here in the U.S. through WACAP’s AAI (African American Infant) program and that we hope to adopt a special needs infant.  Well – we became aware recently of a baby that WACAP has in India – yes, India (no Sarah, not Indiana. LOL)  He is six months old and has a cleft lip.  Keith just gave me the go ahead to request his medical information, so we’ll see what happens.  He is darling. 

Still no idea when baby Bear might be ready to go.  I have my bags still packed and sitting by the door.  Could be tomorrow, could be next week.   Who needs advanced notice to go pick up a baby from another country….keeps things exciting, right?  :)

In happy news – little Fedna was able to get here yesterday.  We sent her host mother to Florida to meet her.  She’s doing well.  You can follow her journey HERE.   Those of you that donated clothes/stuff for her – either I can take them to her when I get to Texas or I can give them back.  Just let me know.

Off to finish the dishes.  More later!


One Comment to “Prints for Sale, Adoption Stuff and more…”

  1. Oh my gosh S how exciting!!!!!!
    India! WOW, that is so cool :)

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