I’m home from delivering baby Bear to TX.  It was an absolutely crazy and exhausting trip.  He is doing well, he had surgery on his back yesterday and today should be moving back to the regular floor.    I will write out how everything happened soon, but for now – here are a couple of pictures.


First picture in the United States  – getting a diaper change.


Finally in Austin!  Cleaned up and ready to go to the hospital!


Sarah’s youngest, Angeline.  Love this kid.  :)


Angeline hanging out with Fenda, the three year old that we brought from Haiti a couple of weeks ago.  She had surgery for spina bifida last week and got to go home from the hospital yesterday!  Follow her journey HERE.


Beautiful little Fenda loving on Sophie, one of Sarah’s daughters. 


Bear snoozing in his crib, pre-surgery. 


What a tiny baby boy!

Sarah is supposed to be taking pictures of his back post-surgery, I’ll post those as soon as I can. 


2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Awesome pictures. Email them to me. We miss you SO much. come back! come back!!



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