Ice Skating, Piano, Gymnastics, Oh My!

K. and F. started gymnastics last week and ice skating this week.   K. also started piano lessons this week.  We’re staying busy with these extra classes, but the kids are loving it.   F. pretty much refused to let go of the wall when he’s on the ice, but K. is skating herself from one end of the rink to the other.  She’s totally proud of herself.  :)  Gymnastics is a hit for both kids.   F.  is mr. flexible.  He does the rolls and flips with no problem.  K. is a bit more cautious. I think she’s scared of her hurting herself but it getting a little more daring.   It was a fight to get K. to go to piano the first time, but once she went and tried it she came home full of excitement and I think she’s really going to like it.   

I’ll work on part 2 of my crazy trip to TX tonight.  Stay tuned…  I know Lori is dying to hear the rest! :)

A couple of random pictures of K. and F.





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