TX Trip – Part 2

OK…here goes part 2. See part 1 HERE.

One thing I left off on part 1. Baby Bear’s hospital is in Austin. My original flight was supposed to fly into Austin. But when we rescheduled the flights, they couldn’t get me to Austin, but they could get me to Dallas. Which is 3.5 hours from Austin. So Sarah left Austin and started driving towards Dallas to meet me. OK- as I left off on part 1. The flight from MIA to TX was delayed. Thank God. I was going to make it. I plopped myself down in a chair in the waiting area and fed Bear the rest of his bottle. He was a pretty happy camper at this point and quickly fell asleep. Several people inquired about him (he is so tiny and adorable, most people just wanted to peek at him!) and when they heard his story we had quite the audience at the gate. Several lovely ladies told us they would pray for us, and another nice gentleman helped me get my bags on the plane when it was time to board. The flight from Florida to Texas wasn’t bad. Bear slept through most of it, and the guy was sat next to me was very nice about picking up anything we dropped, opening my soda can, etc. Right as we’re getting ready to land I hear that Bear is exploding in his diaper. LOL. It was the quite the smell and sound but I think it helped people clear the airplane a little quicker. :) We made our way down to baggage claim and I called Sarah to let her know I was there. She was just getting there and told me she would meet me downstairs. At this point, its about 12am. I got my bags and just as I was sitting down to wait for Sarah, I saw her and Sophie walking up the hall! I was so happy to see them again! We talked for a few minutes and then headed into the nearest bathroom so we could get Bear cleaned up. I figured he had poo all over his dressing (covering his back) so I thought I’d let Sarah deal with this one. Sure enough, it was everywhere. We got him stripped, changed and cleaned up quickly and headed to the car. Sarah held the baby, and I started driving towards Austin. We were so tired, but spend the time talking and getting caught up. We had a stop at McDonalds and a stop at Walmart on the way to Austin. By time we got back to Austin is was about 5:30am. So no sleeping for us that night. We get to the Ronald McDonald House, get Bear cleaned up again (Sarah gives him a little bath in a big kitchen bowl), take some pictures, and about 7:30am we head over to the hospital. Getting checked in took a little while, but finally we’re in a room! At this point Sarah and I are exhausted. We hadn’t slept at all and so while Bear is off getting some tests done we lay down on the pull out couch for a 1/2 hour – 45 minute nap. That was up for us until the next night. I can’t remember the last time I completely skipped a nights sleep. (I went to sleep again the next night about 11:30pm) Not fun. But we did it! I don’t know how Sarah lives on as little sleep as she does!

Little Fedna was still in the hospital while I was there, so I had a chance to spend some time with her and Jamie. She is so sweet! I spoke to her in Kreyol and she responded to me like she knew what I was talking about. LOL. Later, we sent Jamie home for a little while to see her kids, shower and refresh, etc so I stayed with Fedna for a while in the evening. She chatted away to me in Kreyol and started getting a little ornery by throwing her carrots across the room when she was done eating them. :) She really is adorable and I had so much fun with her.

My second day in TX went by fast, I think because I didn’t sleep and it just felt like one very long day. LOL. Sunday was the day I was to leave. After getting up, dressed and running to a nearby gas station, I spent the morning at the hospital. One of Jamie’s friends came over to watch Bear while Sarah ran me to the airport. BUT, before the airport, we went to a humongous Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, and this one was enormous. They even have a shopping cart escalator that goes to the parking garage. And people can take their dogs! It was so cool. LOL. After that, we were off to the airport and the goodbyes were said. :( I wish I could have stayed longer. Sarah and I have so much fun when we’re together – even when its a crazy, exhausting time.

My flights home were fine but I didn’t get back to Ohio until really late (close to midnight) and since I was SO TIRED I stayed close to the airport in a hotel (it was a 3.5 hour drive home). My drive home on Monday was uneventful, thank God!

The hospital that we’ve been working with in TX is wonderful. It is new, big and beautiful. Very child friendly. (Almost) all of the doctors and nurses have been great, their doctor (that donated all of the care) is INCREDIBLE and I’m so glad I got to go meet her and experience the whole thing.

The kids are doing well. Fedna is home with her host family and doing great. Bear is still in the hospital (and will be for a while) but he is doing well and continues to improve and move forward.

I’ll keep everyone updated on their progress!


2 Comments to “TX Trip – Part 2”

  1. Thanks for all the details. I felt like I was there with you all…..I wish that I was!! :) I’m so happy and thankful for all that you do for these kids!!!! We love you Salem!!!!

  2. Salem,
    How did you and Sarah meet???

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