Good Deals

Don’t you just love getting a good deal?

OK – I was in the grocery store searching for the ever elusive pork-free sausage (apparently only one store in this town sells it anymore) and I saw someone wearing a dress that I really liked. Several months ago I had drooled over a dress I saw at a store and wanted it. But it was $100. Ugh. I hardly ever buy new clothes, but I can honestly say I have never purchased a $100 dress for myself. Never. So anyway – I saw this girl wearing this dress and though “aww – so cute!” and went on my way.

The next day I decided that I would return a pair of boots to a local store and exchange them for something else. Its going out of boot season and I hadn’t worn them yet, so I thought i’d trade them for some spring shoes. I walked in and saw that the store was having a 75% off sale. I was browsing the racks and guess what I saw – my dress! Yes! and it was 75% off of the clearance price! So I got the dress for $18. I am so excited. The problem – they only had one and it is a size smaller than what I wear right now. Good motivation to lose weight, right? I need to lose 20lbs anyway. I also got a pair of nice jeans on clearance for $9.99 . Cool.



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