Paperwork Drama:


On Tuesday – I was printing off copies our last three years tax returns for our homestudy.   As Keith was looking over last years, we realize that there is a big problem.  Somehow they completely left off his income.  All of it.  My income is hardly anything – so it looks like last year we made virtually no money.  I don’t think that looks very good for our paperwork.  Keith spent forever on the phone with the IRS and we found out that we have to file an addendum.  And it takes a long time (up to 12 weeks).  I think the homestudy agency will accept something else as proof of our income last year.  We just have to have the tax return corrected before we file our I-600, but I think that will be a while before we’re at that stage.  I was afraid that it would hold up our dossier but it doesn’t look like we need it for the dossier or for the I-600A.  Whew.

My house right now is an interesting mix of smells and it is totally giving me a headache.  I have dinner in the crockpot cooking which smelled so yummy until K. and F. found a bottle of old perfume in the bathroom and have completely drenched themselves (and each drenched their teddy bears) in old smelling perfume.  Ugh.  My mom is going to love it when I take them home.  :)

I went to a local discount store recently and found a pair of adorable little boys jeans.  They are LUCKY brand (?) – I don’t know anything about fashion but they are msrp $78.00 and I thought $9.99 looked like a good deal for such expensive jeans.   Side note:  Do people  actually spend $78 on a pair of jeans for their 2 year old?  It seems almost criminal when there is so much need in the world.  Honestly – do you know how many people could be helped with $78?  Ugh.
Anyway – they are really cute, and for $9.99 it seemed like a good deal.  So I bought them thinking I might be able to re-sell them on ebay.  I put them on there and they sold for more than double what I paid!  Yay! So, I went and bought a couple more pairs and will be selling them on ebay too.  Its not a lot of money – but every bit helps the adoption account, right?  :)

Tonight – the plan is:  work on my autobiography for the homestudy and do some work on MAT stuff.  I found out today that the visa was denied for one of our kids from Africa that was supposed to be coming to the U.S. for medical care.  :(  She is an orphan, and because of that they are saying they won’t give her a visa.  They are afraid she won’t be returned to Haiti when her medical care is complete.  She is available for adoption though – know anyone interested in adopting a beautiful little girl from Africa?  She has a condition called arthogryposis and really needs some surgery to fix up her limbs and some good physical therapy here in the States. 

More later.


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