Adoption Update:

I’m still working on our homestudy and dossier paperwork.  I haven’t been able to turn the homestudy paperwork in yet but I’m hoping we can get it all turned in soon.  We have a plan for most of the adoption expenses now – I start a new an extra job soon and we’ll be using the extra pay to pay for the adoption fees.  We’ll figure out how to come up with the extra money for travel after we get a referral.   I think its going to work out well.  Hopefully I can start soon so we can get moving on everything.  The amount of paperwork seems like a lot, but when I compare it to the Haitian adoption checklists it is actually not that bad.   Haiti requires a lot of stuff that Ethiopia doesn’t. 

I love our adoption agency.  They have such a heart for harder to place children – kids with special needs, older kids, sibling groups, etc.   I love that they aren’t out there trying to find children for families, but instead are working to find families for kids who really need help.  I can’t stress enough, if you are interested in adopting – check out WACAP.  They are amazing.


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