Anyone want a super sweet dog?

We’ve rescued 2 dogs in the last month.  The first, I’m pretty sure my mom is going to keep.  He’s adorable and is a sweetie. F. has already claimed him and “his” dog.   The second I really need to find a good home for.   Before I saw him I was told by the people that found him that he was a mastiff or st. Bernard cross.  I have a St. Bernard and l.o.v.e. giant breeds so I immediately told her we would find a home for him in order to keep him from going to the pound to be euthanized.  Well, he’s not a saint or mastiff mix – but is most definitely a pitbull cross.  a large pitbull cross – maybe crossed with some type of shepherd.  he’s very handsome and very sweet, but unfortunately most people around here won’t even consider pitbull crosses.  :(  I don’t know what we’re going to do with him.  Keith says no to us keeping him.   My mom is up to 10 dogs right now and can’t keep him.   I’ve contact all the rescues and no-kill shelters I could find online in Ohio and they are all full or said they don’t take pitbull or pb mixes.   Poor guy.  I hope we can find a home for him soon.


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