Random Things

1. I am soooo ready for spring.   I can’t wait for it to get warm and STAY WARM.  
2. In the last couple of days F. has taken calling our parents “Mama and Papa”.  He asked first “Mommy, can I call you Mama now?” and “Daddy, can I call you Papa now?”  They said Ok, and its been that way.  I have no idea why or where he even heard people call their parents Mama and Papa.  Weird.
3. I went to the zoo and to dinner with my mom and the kids the other day.  Over dinner we were talking about a little girl that I found out about that is available for adoption.  She is from Korea and we inquired about her, but our agency can’t place Korean children in our state (no clue why).  But anyway, I was telling my mom about her and said her name (a very Korean three word name) and K. looked at me pleadingly and said “Can’t you get a baby with an easier name?!”  So funny.  I personally loved her name and thought it was adorable, but I can tell how it would be a mouthful for a 6 year old. 
4.  F. has randomly been pointing out African and African-American people when we’re out and about and announcing loudly – “look, those people are brown like me!”  We’ve gotten a couple of chuckles, and a couple of people that look at us like we’re some kind of crazy people.  Oh well. 
5. Still no new home for our pitbull boy.  He’s a super sweet guy.  He’s also very strong.  My mom wants to train him to pull a cart.  Anyone know how to build a dog cart? 
6.  Did I mention that I hope it gets warm soon?  :)



One Comment to “Random Things”

  1. I am soooooooo with you.
    This winter was a brutal one.

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