Today I picked up an old copy of TIME magazine my mom had sitting around.  I flipped it open and the article it opened to was called “The $10 Solution” and was about malaria in Africa.    About 2 million kids a year die of malaria in Africa.  2 million!  I continued reading the article and their “solution” to the problem just blew me away.   They said that a comprehensive malaria prevention program in Africa would cost approximately $4.50 per person.  that includes malaria control, nets, medicine, education, etc.  $4.5o per person, or approximately $3 billion a year for the entire continent.   Here is a quote from the article:

“Let me put the $3 billion in perspective: there are a billion of us in the high-income world–that amounts to $3 a person, or one Starbucks coffee a year. It’s around 12.5% of the estimated $24 billion in Wall Street’s Christmas bonuses. ”

Amazing to think about isn’t it?  That we could potentially save 2 million lives.   When are we going to make these children’s lives a priority?  It makes me sad to think about the $24 billion Wall Street bonuses but I also feel sad when I think about how many “treats” I could give up. 

I added a new link to my sidebar.  Check out Nothing But Nets and if you feel led – donate.  

You can read the TIMES article HERE.


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