These last couple of days have been pretty nice.  Just relaxing, hanging out at home type days.  I like those.  :) 

On Friday night I ran across a posting about a baby in WI that needs a family.  He was  a preemie born at 23 weeks!  What a miracle that babies that young can survive.  He’s 5 months old now and stable.  I don’t know much, but if he’s still in need of a home hopefully they will send us more information.  Just keeping our options open :)

Yesterday we had a spaghetti dinner at church.  Everyone brought their own version of spaghetti and bread.  You’ve never seen so much spaghetti…it was nuts.  I made baked spaghetti – which I’ve never done before.  I think it turned out well.   I also made a great “Fruit Pizza” for desert and oh my gosh, it was so yummy.  I’ve never made it before, but will be making it again.  Yum. 

My mom just called a little bit ago and said that while my aunt and uncle (and their 5 children) were driving home from vacation a huge turkey hit them head on.  It not only busted out the windshield but tore up part of the roof!   My mom is on her way to meet them and drive them home.  Crazy!  I’m so glad they are all OK. 

I haven’t heard anything about Schnider for a while (since my mom was there in January) and I’m getting so antsy!  Lori thinks they might be coming down soon.  Oh man, I miss him.  Do you get tired of me saying that?  Well, its true…I just can’t help it.   :)

More later…


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