I’m not going to give my opinions on the whole Madonna debate.  But seriously, this article makes me mad. 

“You cannot literally take every poor child who may only have one parent living, or no parent living, across the world and transport them all into Kensington in London,” said Save the ChildrenUK’s Dominic Nutt in an interview with the BBC’s Newshour program.

Ok.  Seriously, what a statement.  Everyone in the world knows you can’t take every poor child in the world and put them in London.  

 But – I didn’t think they were talking about a “poor” child – I thought this was a full orphan.  A child with no parents.  A child growing up in an institution (orphanage).  Is it really better for a child to spend the rest of their life in an institution without a family just for the sake of being in their own country?  Does he know the statistics of what happens to children when they “age out” of an orphanage/institution?  And to grow up with no family?  To never have a family?  Just so that the child can stay in the country where they were born?  I just have a hard time believing that is really in the child’s best interest.  

Thoughts and opinions anyone?


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  1. This article irritates me. We have had people say similar things to us. The fact is , these communities do not have the resources to care for these children. Every child deserves a family, not just growing up in an institution. The best thing for a child is a home, with parents, and if that means living in another country, then so be it. I am not a huge Madonna fan, but I commend her for adopting.

  2. I think – that people need to get over themselves and their EUROCENTRIC bull and accept that a child is a child no matter where he is born. And yes, we can’t help every child. But people like you and me keep helping the ones we can. If I wasn’t an old lady (!) I’d probably have a houseful of adopted kids. And BTW – D says she wants to adopt a kid from every country when she’s a grown up!

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