<Whine> <Cry> <Stomps Feet>

We got some not-so-great adoption news the last couple of days.  Supposedly, WACAP has dissolved their Ethiopia Promise Child program.  Which means that (if what we’re hearing is correct) the grant we were counting on to help us with this adoption is no longer available.   I have no idea what we’re going to do now.  I am so frustrated with this whole thing.  I am planning to call WACAP in the morning and ask why we haven’t gotten any notice of what is going on.   It looks like some people got a letter explaining this and other people didn’t – I have no clue what the reasoning is there.   <sigh>

Why does this have to be so hard?!  :(


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  1. aww that totally sucks but maybe your child(ren) aren’t in Ethiopia?? maybe this is a sign..*slam door in face* that you are to keep looking?!! keep us posted when you hear from WACAP.

  2. Keep the faith – fight the fight. Your child is already out there somewhere – and your heart knows where. Don’t get bogged down by crap – listen to your heart.

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