OK – we got more information from WACAP.  Here is the email I sent the our Yahoo! group after I called:

We were supposed to get the email/letter and didn’t for some reason.  Here is what I found out.

Like someone else posted, WACAP just found out about the funding being gone last week.  So they are having to change how they do the Ethiopia program.  Here is how it is going to work now.

After you have your homestudy to them and approved into the Ethiopia program you will be referral ready.  All of the waiting children in Ethiopia will be listed on their website.  You can then go on and see if any of the children fit the what your family is looking for.  Some of the children will have grants, which will be listed on their photolisting on the website.  It will either be a $4,000 or a $6,000 grant depending on the child’s special needs, etc.  For people interested in HIV+ children, they said right now they believe that HIV+ children over age 2 will be getting the $6,000 grant.

 So, the biggest change is that the children won’t have full grants anymore.  Now they will either have no grant, a $4,000 grant or a $6,000 grant – depending on the child’s special needs.

They said that are currently working on updating the photolisting and the photo book with the current information and waiting children.

Hope this information helps everyone.

So – it looks like we’ll have about $6,500 worth of fees that we weren’t expecting.  I have to talk to Keith more about it, but I think we’ll just deal with the situation and do what we can to raise the extra money.  I’m hoping that grants and loans will be available to us too since we are adopting special needs children.   We’ll see what happens as we move down the road, but for now we’ll just push ahead with the homestudy, immigration and dossier.


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