Random Bullet Point Post

  • Keith and I went to Lowes today and got a ton of flowers for our window boxes!  We didn’t plant any last year and I’m excited about them!  :)
  • Easter dinner is going to be at our house this year.   Who wants to come over and help me clean?  ;)
  • I’ve almost given up on the idea of going to Nicaragua in May.  I can still get the ticket for $136 but don’t really have an extra $136 right now.   I really want to go though…we’ll see.
  • I sat up last night watching “Love a Child” on TV.  Its a show done by some missionaries we know in Haiti.  Watching it made me miss Haiti and want to be there.  
  • Northwest Airlines is having an awesome deal right now.  If someone donates their airline miles to you – NWA will double what they donated.  My mom is talking about giving us 25,000 miles.  Which would become 50,000 miles.  On top of my 25,000 miles I already have – thats 75,000 miles.   I think thats almost enough that would cover a round trip ticket to Ethiopia when our adoption is complete.   How cool is that?!   Tickets to ET are crazy expensive – usually around $1,500 – $2,000.
  • The local homeschool group coordinated a field trip today to the local airport where the kids got to sit in a MedEvac Helicopter and check it out.  We also got to watch up close and personal as two airplanes (small ones) took off.   F. was in heaven. 
  • I still have a bottle of Schniders baby shampoo sitting in the bathtub.   We don’t usually use that bathroom so I don’t mess with the tub very much.  Today while cleaning up in there I opened the bottle and smelled the shampoo.   It made me cry.  I miss him like crazy.  I don’t know if it will ever stop feeling like there is a big hole in our family.  :(  I haven’t heard anything about him or seen pictures since January.  I might go crazy if we don’t hear something  soon.

Random picture cuteness.   K. age 3 and F. age 1 –  a couple of months after F. got home from Haiti.   I love the look on his face as he looks at her.


Another cute one I found yesterday  – K. age 2.  So tiny and adorable!


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