How was everyones Easter?

Everything here went well.   I got my house clean.  :)  We had a good time.  There were about 30 people here, I think?  Not including babies.  We have a pretty big, open house so it worked out well and we weren’t too crowded.  We had so much good food and just had a good time catching up with everyone.   During dinner , I had a chance to snap some pictures of one of my favorite photography subjects – my youngest nephew , Zachary.  He’s getting so big and I just can’t get enough of his big blue eyes! 


Believe it or not, I didn’t get any Easter pictures of K. and F.   :(  It was just too crazy that day.   Keith and I went to his moms house (about an hour way) for dinner with his family at 1pm.  Then we headed home for dinner with my family at 5pm.   It was a little rushed but not bad.  Just no time to get K. and F. dressed up and pictures taken.   

So I leave you with this.   I can not tell you how excited they were to take pictures of their tongues.  :)



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