Difficult Choices

Well, one of them is not not really a difficult choice for me, because I know what I”m going to choose.  But one of them is.  So here goes:

Choice #1:  I finally got a training date for my new job.  I’ll be trained on this coming Thursday and will hopefully start working very after.  Which means, I should have a full paycheck for the month of May.   Thats good news.  We’ve been waiting on this money to start coming so that we can start our really going on our adoption.  The plan is/was to use my first paycheck to pay for a chunk of the homestudy.  (1/2 is due at the beginning of the process, to get started.  The other 1/2 is due when they are wrapping it up).  So, now – I’m seriously considering using the first paycheck to go see Schnider in June instead.  I just don’t think we have the money right now to start both the homestudy and go to Haiti.  I feel like bursting into tears at the thought of pushing the homestudy back AGAIN, but at the same time – we’ve been waiting this long – is another 2 months going to really make that much of a difference?   I HAVE to go see Schnider.  I am going to go in June one way or the other – I just have to.  So if I have to use that paycheck to do it, then I guess thats just the way it has to be.

Choice #2:  WACAP has made some very big changes to their Promise Child program.  (The program we’re in that placed grants on special needs children).  Basically, our adoption fees are going to be at least $6,000 more than we’d planned.  That’s a hard pill to swallow.  I really do love WACAP, but the main reason we chose them over another agency (AAI) was the grant program.   AAI has many children with special needs (particularly the special needs that we are interested in) waiting for families and right now – WACAP has none.  And now that the grant program has changed, the adoption costs are very close.  So, we may consider switching.   We really don’t need to make a decision until our homestudy is done, but it’s in the back of my mind.  I would like to plan to have our homestudy done by the end of summer.  That sounds possible, right?  That would give us June, July and August.  (since we won’t be starting anything in May).  Yeah, I think it’s possible.


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