I Heart Faces – Week 15

This weeks challenge is “Self Portrait”

Kids Category – the photo must be of you and a child (or children)

For both categories, you must take the photo and you must be holding the camera when you take it (you can’t use a tripod or anything else to hold the camera for you.)

I wasn’t going to enter this time, but remembered this picture of Schnider and I that I took right after his first lip surgery. 


 Click on the I Heart Faces badge to visit the website and see more self portraits.  Its a fun, creative catagory!


11 Comments to “I Heart Faces – Week 15”

  1. This is a very sweet shot. I really like it, and your son’s cheeks are to die for :)

  2. What a beautiful shot! He is so cute!

  3. Oh man! This is gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic entry – so much emotion conveyed. Did you change your blog recently? Things look different to me. Love your entry this week – glad you remembered the photo and decided to enter!

  5. I love it, beautiful of both of you.

  6. Oh how truly darling and precious!

  7. i Heart this entry!! Gorgeous!

  8. What a sweet, tender shot!

  9. What a beautiful and touching picture!

  10. What a beautiful picture! I love it so much :-)

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