I was tagged by Sarah.  So fun!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. FINALLY adopting a child after wanting to for so long.
2. Getting to travel more – especially to Africa (a life-long dream)
3. My sister Angel moving back to Ohio from Arizona. 
4. My wonderful friend Sarah getting to finally bring her baby boy home from Haiti.
5.  Watch this incredible family bring their precious kids home from Haiti.
6. The day Keith and I finally get some of our debt paid off. 
7. Watching K. and F. grow up and seeing the people they become.  I can’t wait.
8. Seeing my Schnider boy in June.  I miss him so much. 

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Had training for my new job (finally!!!)
2. Went to Walmart and bought some great fabric that was on clearance.
3. Did a stack of paperwork that needed completed for the new job.
4. Decided that I never again want to apply for a job run by a government run agency.  :)
5. Ate the rest of my ice-cream left over from the night before.
6. Did a load of Keith’s laundry and lost several of his socks (where do they go?)
7. Sat on my deck and enjoyed the sunshine.
8. Started planning for our trip to Ireland.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Go see Schnider right now.
2. And lets be honest – bring him back home with me.  :(
3. Travel a lot more than I do and photograph the world.
4. Find families for all of the 140(ish) million orphans in the world. 
5. Stop worrying so much about the financial aspect of our adoption.
6. Find doctors for all of our MAT kids. 
7. Have all my family close by and we could all get together often.
8. Find a new home for the sweet dog we rescued. 

8 Shows I Watch:  (I don’t watch much TV)
1. John and Kate plus Eight
2. Baby Story on TLC
3. Adoption Stories (when I can find it)
4. Lost (on the computer and when I have time – I’m still working on Season 3)
5. Friends re-runs (sometimes)
6. Everybody Loves Raymond (sometimes)
7. Extreme Makeover Home Edition (rarely)
8. Little Miss Perfect (rarely)

8 People I Tag:  (I tried to think of people I haven’t heard from in a while)
1.  Courtney
2. Corey
3.  Heather
4. Ericka
5. Maris
6. Dawnz
7. Nicole


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