Two random things:

F. had been acting very wild the other day and did something naughty, so he was sent to his room. After a while I realized he seemed too quiet. K. went into the check on him and came out saying that he was asleep in his toybox. Sure enough, he was curled up in it all snug and cozy with a pillow and his “night-night”. (His “night-night” is a blue blanket (or now, several pieces of blanket) that he got as a baby and can’t sleep without.)

For several months K. has been addicted to poptropica. What?! You’ve never heard of poptropica?! I yi yi. If you have school age kids – they will love it. K. LOVES it. She would play all the time if you let her. I’m amazed at how fast she figures out clues and puzzles. Sometimes faster and better than I can. That’s sad. :) Check it out.



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