How about a bit of random-ness today:

I still need to find a home for this sweet dog. He was rescued from a bad situation and is very grateful. He is adorable, happy and friendly. And he gets neutered next week! :) Takers anyone?


Speaking of animals. We have a bird nest on our deck and the eggs hatched today! I’ve been watching mommy and daddy Robin feed their babies all afternoon. :)


On the adoption front:

We are slowly moving along again, I think. We still don’t have any concrete plans on what we’re going to do regarding WACAP and all the changes. I think we’re just going to wait until our homestudy is finished to make a final decision. We are hoping to have our homestudy done by the end of summer.

I have been looking at other options if we decide to not go with the WACAP program (which is now costing at least $6,000 more in adoption fees than what we planned). We inquired about a little boy in Korea at Holt International. He is almost 2 years old and was born with Spina Bifida and has some hearing loss. His adoption fees are greatly reduced and he has a large grant from Brittany’s Hope. We talked about requesting more medical information, but decided that since we aren’t paper ready we didn’t want to be matched with him at this point – so we’d just wait. We don’t want any child to wait any longer than possible for a family, so if some family snatches him up in the next couple of months I’ll be so excited for him! He is adorable.

We have also become aware of a fairly new adoption option in Africa that has really piqued our interest. I’m still researching but will share when I know more. :) I feel like I’ve been researching for years! LOL.

OK, to end. I’ll leave you with this cuteness. What a love-bug.


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