I just found a new blog that I am totally loving.  This gal is serving in Uganda and is a great writer.  Check it out.     The Journey

Keith has been working like crazy for the last couple of weeks with the high school choir director on their Review.  My poor husband has been getting home between 11pm-12am at night and getting up at 5:30am every morning.   I don’t know how he’s managing. 

Doesn’t look like I’m going to Nicaragua at the end of the month.  There is just too much going on with the adoption, Haiti in June, Ireland in June, etc.   I’m eyeing some good deals for Guatemala in September.  We’ll see where things are with the adoption.

Current goal:  homestudy done by the end of the summer! 

The whole idea of having a bird hatch eggs on your porch is nice, but I can not believe how loud they are.  They aren’t far from our bedroom window.  I actually wore ear plugs last night.  Seriously. 

Tomorrow the kids have gymnastics.  Thats always a fun day. 

K. has a proficiency test coming up on Monday!  I had no idea that they did test like that for 1st grade.  We’ve been busy reviewing stuff and getting caught up in the subjects we’re behind on. 

My goodness that is a random entry – but I kinda just don’t have anything I want to write about right now.  There is SO much going on but I’m just not feeling like writing about any of it.   I took some cute pictures of the kids today while we were playing outside.  I’ll try to get them uploaded soon.


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