I Heart Faces – Week 18

I Heart Faces – Week 18
Theme:  Laughter

Kids Entry:
Those of you that have been around for a while might remember this cute picture of F. laughing at the park.   He still does this “suck in his bottom lip” thing when he’s laughing and being funny.  What a silly boy!


Go to I Heart Faces to see more laughing photos!



10 Comments to “I Heart Faces – Week 18”

  1. What a face! Great smile and I love the catch light in his eyes…just perfect!

  2. Beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes. Love the b&w!!!

  3. What a cutie, his eyes are gorgeous…

  4. Beautiful and adorable!

  5. Cute merry little boy!

  6. Those eyes are gorgeous! Beautiful entry:-)

    I Heart Faces

  7. oh my heavens. I seriously love this picture – those eyes are so so amazing!!! :-)

  8. Look at those eyes! Great job!

  9. my goodness. that’s about all i can think to say. you did a wonderful job with this entry!

  10. oh my goodness this is beautiful!

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