New Adoption Programs in Rwanda & Uganda

Thought I’d share this for anyone interested:

There are fairly new adoption programs in Rwanda & Uganda that seem to be going well. 

In Rwanda – I am aware of a couple of agencies that are currently placing children:

Children of All Nations (their fees seem very reasonable)
American World Adoption
Hands Across the Water

Some Rwanda families adoption blogs:

I’ve been exploring this organizations website:
Orphans of Rwanda

In Uganda, things are done a little differently.  Families receive legal guardianship of their child and formally adopt them here in the United States.  You can adopt independently or through an agency.

Uganda Programs:

Holt International
Lifeline Childrens Services
Generations Adoptions
Amani Baby Cottage
Sanyu Babies Home
Adopting In Uganda

I’ve become “cyber-friends” with an awesome gal that lives in Uganda.  She is in the States right now, but is going back to Uganda in August and will be starting a new babies home!  I’m excited to follow their progress.  You can check out her blog HERE.

I have been exploring these organizations websites:
Show Mercy International

Check it all out! :)


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