It’s Official….

As of today – we are no longer adopting from Ethiopia through WACAP.   I was so excited about their promise child program, and then they had to go and change it.   Seriously, it wasn’t their fault, but it is so frustrating none the less. 

We have emailed the new agency we plan to use with our intentions and are waiting to hear back from them.    We pay our first homestudy installment next week and it should be completed by the end of the summer. 

 We are switching countries as well and since this is a new program, things could go very fast or very slow.  I’m not telling which country just yet, I want to write up a post about it.  I will work on it soon.  We’ll just have to see how things go.  I’m excited about what I’ve seen and heard as far as adoptions from this country – just pray things stay stable!  As it becomes more and more popular, the court systems could very easily get overwhelmed.  We may have a referral sometime early fall – how cool is that?  There is so much need in this country – so many orphans growing up on the streets or in orphanages.  More information soon…I promise!


One Comment to “It’s Official….”

  1. hurry up with the country post :) I’m so excited for you! praying things go smoothly for you guys!

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