Applications, Adoption and more.

I have been filling out our applications and paperwork like crazy trying to get everything done.  We hoping to send our paperwork to the homestudy agency this coming week.  I am working on the financial forms, which are so confusing and it’s going to take a bit of work to get everything broken down.  Not fun.   I’m concurrently working on the application for the new adoption agency – which is long as well.  Hopefully I’ll get them both done this week and sent off.  

There is a chance this program could move very quickly, and for that I am very excited and very nervous.   LOL.  The orphanage that the agency is working with is opening a babies home where our child will probably come from – it is expected to open at the beginning of July and be ready to start processing adoptions about a month after that.  We hope to have all of our paperwork done by the end of the summer and ready to accept a referral.  After referral, we’re thinking families will travel a couple of months later.  That seems to be the way it’s worked with the families adopting independently.  One of us (probably me) will end up being in Africa for several weeks (the agency is guessing 3-5 weeks).   I’m nervous about the fact that this is a pilot program, but not too nervous because I know and have talked to many of the families who have done it independently.  It’s happening, kids are coming home – so we’re just going to push forward and hope (and pray!) for the best.


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