We’ve had a busy couple of days around here!

We sent off our homestudy application and a big check. Fun, fun. I’m excited to get it going – we’ve got a lot of the paperwork for the homestudy gathered so I don’t anticipate it taking too long. My goal is to have it done by the end of the summer and I think that is a totally realistic goal.

Yesterday I was driving to the vets office to pick up some Advantage and saw a little dog on the highway. I pulled over and got out, as soon as she saw me she ran into traffic! A car screeched and swerved and when I saw her next (the car was between she and I) she was laying on her back/side. I thought “OH NO, she’s been hit”. But she got right back up and when there were no cars coming I called her. She came running up and jumped into my arm. Poor thing, every hair on her body was shaking! I was headed to the vet anyway, so when I got there we checked her out and she seems to be OK. She’s an older, fat, Jack Russell mix. I really hope she just got lost and wasn’t dumped. We have a lot of dumped and abandoned dogs around here but she seems like she’s been a house pet and has been pretty spoiled. We’ve got ads in the paper and radio so hopefully her family will find her. She’s staying with Keith and I right now. My mom (who does animal rescue) has no room (11 dogs right now) and so we’ve got her. She spent the rest of the day yesterday snoring on our living room chair, so I don’t think she’s too upset right now.

Also, we booked our tickets to Ireland! It is so good to finally know when we’re going. It’s coming up soon. Now I need to work out hotels/hostels and trains. We won’t be driving, just doing the rail system. My mom did this last time she was there (last year) and it worked out well. We’re so excited!!!

Haiti travel – well, we’ve had a bit of set-back. The children I’m supposed to escort aren’t ready yet. Their files are still in MOI. (Haiti adoption people know what that means). But it means they aren’t ready and may not be ready for several months. :( I feel so bad for their parents, who have waiting SO LONG to bring their children home. It is just very upsetting that the adoption process in Haiti is taking so long. Ugh.
Anyway – I think I’m going to go ahead and book a ticket to go now and then will plan to go back whenever these kids are ready. I have some frequent flyer miles I’m going to try to use and will have even more after we get back from Ireland. July is a crazy month already (we have stuff going on every week in July) so I may have to wait until August? I don’t want to, but I just can’t really see how I can get to Haiti in July.

Anyway, thats a bit of news from around here. More later….


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