Well, we have a new member of the family.

WEIRD story. Remember the dog I found in the highway? (Read down through a few blog posts ago). We put a found ad on the radio and in the paper about her. The day after the ad ran a woman called. She said “I think you found my dog?!” I’m thinking, oh great! I was happy to find her owners. You can tell she’s been well taken care of, she’s fat, clean and a very well behaved inside dog. So I ask the lady to describe the dog she lost and it fits the dog to a “t”. She tells me the dogs name is Minnie, she’s so glad we found her and that she’ll call me back when her husband gets home to arrange pick up. All sounds good, right? So the rest of the day goes by, no call. I call the number from my caller ID the next day. The guy on the phone says he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, then says it must be his neighborn who uses his phone. He’ll have her call me. Another day passes. Nothing. Try again to call. Again, the guy says he told her and that he told her to call us. Again, Nothing. We haven’t heard from them since. We’ve decided this means they no longer want her? I’m not sure what else to do – I’ve done what I can to give her back, right? It’s been almost 5 days.  So now she’s MINE! LOL. I really like her a lot. She’s not the most beautiful dog – but she is SO sweet. We need a little inside dog. Keith likes her – it fits. She’s one of the most well behaved dogs you’ll ever meet. She’s older so she’s not too hyper or bouncy. She’s very loving. She hasn’t barked ONCE. Seriously. So anyway – meet Minnie. Happy to have taken over the couch and an old baby blanket. I wouldn’t have chosen the name, but we’ve been calling her that (and Minnie Mouse, and Minnie Muffin) and it feels weird to change it now. :)


My sister Jael and I went out to do a small photoshoot. We went up to an old asylum we have here in town because there are tons of old, run down, very interesting (and scary!) buildings. It’s very deserted and quiet up in the woods on top of a hill overlooking our town. The first building we went to was the old TB ward and we were trying to decide if we wanted to shoot here – then we saw this sign. Yeah – not going to stick around too long. If she looks funny it’s because we were both holding our breath while we took the picture then high-tailed it out of there! LOL.


I’ll have to post some of the pictures we took after we get them edited. We got some good ones.

No news on the adoption front. Mailed our homestudy stuff but I haven’t heard from them. I”ll email monday and make sure they got it. I was supposed to mail our agency application last week but we are waiting to hear back from Keith’s work about his life insurance information that the agency wants. I think because it’s summer and schools out it’s taking a while to get the info. Hopefully we can have it turned in this week. Yippee! Current goal is still to have the homestudy complete by the end of summer and ready to turn into the agency. I was hoping to have the I-600A complete by the end of the summer too, but between homestudy fees, Ireland, Haiti, life, etc – we’re going to have to wait a bit longer. We’ll probably file towards the end of summer. Unless $830 drops into our laps somehow. :)


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