For several weeks I’ve been talking to an lovely family that is in the process of adopting from Uganda (with a different agency).   They got their referral last Tuesday.  Left for Uganda on Sunday and now have their baby boy with them.  They were supposed to have court yesterday but I haven’t heard if it actually happened.  Please pray for this family.  They have a beautiful and heartbreaking story, as they lost their first child, a daughter,  just a year ago.  I’m sure this is a very emotional and exhausting time for them.  You can follow their journey and read their story HERE.

Another Uganda mom, who is in Uganda right now with her children has received g*ardianship of one of her children and has court on Tuesday for her other child.  From what I understand, the judge is trying to impose a new guideline on g*ardianship’s that would mean that children must be in the orphanage for 6 months before a family can apply for l*gal g*ardianship of them.  This would be a huge heartbreak for this mom who is in Uganda and hoping to bring both of her children home in a few weeks.   You can follow her journey HERE and pray that the situation works out positively.


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