Monday July 6 at 6pm.  We’re at the airport waiting to board our plane to Chicago.  I used to love flying – now, I don’t care for flying so much, but still like airports.  I love people watching and airports are great for that….Ireland 001

Keith waiting to board the plane with the card K. made for him.

Chicago! It was a bumpy ride landing at O’Hare. Ugh.  Its always windy in Chicago and the small plane we were one was rocking back and forth like a toy.  Not good for the stomach.  We have a couple of hours here until our flight to London. I think the flight leaves at 9:45pm.  

We’re on our way!  Met a very nice young guy from Australia while waiting to board the plane.  He was on his way to England for cricket?  or some sport like that.  He was telling us about his experiences traveling around for the last year.  He’s traveling on an around the world ticket and has been all over the place. I love hearing about other peoples adventures. :)  The plane is pretty full.  It’s a nice, newer plane, the kind that has little tv’s on the back of each seat, so that is fun.  As soon as they are done serving dinner I try to sleep.  We’ll be in London around 7am!  I was able to sleep for about 4 hours. 

Problems.  We made it to London fine.  Got our bags, hung out, found out our flight was delayed, hung out some more, ate, read and finally boarded our next flight –  the flight that would take us to Ireland.  After sitting in the airplane, at the gate for 3 hours our pilot announced they were cancelling our flight.   This was after he announced that they could fly with one landing gear out, but he didn’t really want to….I say – yeah, let’s not.  Did talk to a very nice Irish man for the three hours we sat on the plane.  Love the accent.  Back out to get our bags.  It’s evening now.   We rush over to the airline ticketing desk to try and get on the next flight out.  Didn’t happen – they are full. 

Ireland 004

Waiting in line to re-book our flight.

The airline put us up in a nice hotel (Park Inn) near the airport and gave us free meal tickets for dinner and breakfast.  We ate dinner at the restaurant (Bravo! Bravo!) which happened to be amazing.   I actually looked up to see if they have a restaurant around here.  I think DC is the closest.   

Our room is nice.  For some reason I took a picture of the bathroom.  Now I can’t remember why.  Oh well. 

Ireland 006

After dinner we crashed.  Long day of nothing, but we’re still tired.   Little sleep the night before and jet lag are kicking our butts. 

Day 2 coming soon.

Ireland 007

View from our hotel room – exciting, huh?


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