Tuesday July 8.  We’re up early for breakfast and to catch the shuttle to the airport.  Our flight was scheduled to leave around 11ish.  We have no problems at the airport, except our flight is running late.  Again.  We finally take off and make it to Dublin without a problem! We found a bus that takes us to the train station and got tickets to Longford.  Longford County is where Keith’s family is from and one of the main areas we wanted to visit.  Every time we mentioned to someone in Ireland that we were headed to Longford they would wrinkle up their nose and say “why?!”  I guess it’s not much of a tourist destination.  :) It was a small, little Irish town.  We stayed “downtown” and were able to walk around the town and take some pictures for Keith’s mom.  We were told that we could go to the bogs and do some bog jumping or swimming or snorkeling? Which is basically people throw themselves into the bogs?  Yeah, we had a train to catch the next morning, so we passed.  We did a bit more sightseeing in the town and then found a cute pub for dinner.  It was adorable and the food was great.  They had great ketchup.  Seriously.  Good.  LOL.

After dinner we headed over to a fitness center where Keith was able to work out and I was able to watch all the guys work out. Worked well for me.   Next, we headed back to the hotel and got ready for bed.  One weird thing we realized that day – it doesn’t get dark until after 10pm.  And it gets light out early – 5 something.  Felt kinda weird.

The next morning we got up and wanted to stop at this shop before heading to our next train.  Oh my gosh….we met the craziest man.  I’m not joking – he was crazy.  He showed up at 9am to open the store reeking of alcohol and had a beer in each vest pocket.  He latched onto Keith and wouldn’t let him go.  He proceeded to tell us what a dangerous place Ireland was, and basically that we were going to be mugged and killed during our trip.  It took us for.ev.er to get out of there.  As we were standing in front of his store trying to pry ourselves away (the guy still had a hold of Keith at this point) I noticed that the other pedestrians were giving me funny looks.  I started looking around and as I did I caught the eye of a woman who very deliberately made hand motions like – this guy is crazy, you should go.  Finally caught on that he must be the town crazy person.   No wonder everyone else on the street was avoiding the area and we’re stuck there with Keiths arm in a vice grip.  Fun times.  Finally pulled ourselves away.  Keith has dubbed him the Longford Looney.  Will post more about day3 later…..

Ireland 009

Keith waiting for our train to Longford.

Ireland 011Longford Train Station

Ireland 014Hotel room in Longford

Ireland 023Inside of a huge church in Longford

Ireland 025Where we ate dinner.

Ireland 027Best ketchup ever.  Seriously.


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