Could all you praying people, be praying about something please?

Yesterday, we saw the picture of a baby girl at an orphanage in Uganda that we would love to make our daughter.  
I mean, when we saw her picture – it was like a vice gripped my heart.   We are hoping to get some more information about her on Monday. 

Right now, all we have is a name, a picture and the orphanage administrators word that she is adoptable.   If we wanted to adopt her, it would be a big move away from what we were planning on.  She isn’t with our agency, but with a private orphanage.  We’re currently researching our lawyer options and deciding what we can do if we wanted to adopt her.   Please say a pray that the way will be clear if we are supposed to try to adopt her. 

There are a lot of “issues” we’ll have to work out if this is the case.  But I know that it will work out if it is what God wants for us and for her.  I hope I’ll have more of an update soon.


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  1. Yes, I’ll be praying! How exciting. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. If God means for her to be your daughter, He will make the way clear – not easy, but clear! How exciting! Praying for wisdom and clarity for you.

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