We are making headway…

Today – Keith was fingerprinted for the FBI and BCI.  I go next week to have them done.  We also got another set of reference letters back and mailed out our child abuse clearances. 

I haven’t received any more information yet on baby girl.  It i 12:30am in Uganda right now, so we won’t be getting anything today, hopefully tomorrow. 

I took the kids to the pool today.  We had a really fun time.  K. and F. are seriously little fish.  They could be in the water all day if I let them.  F. did puke in the small pool today – it was gross.  He had swallowed a bunch of water and then up it came.  They had to evacuate the pool and clean it.  Lovely.  :)


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  1. We are praying for you guys, the little girl and the adoption. :)
    Sorry to hear about the Puke. Dom did that last night at the pool too!

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