What’s going on in the adoption you ask?

At this point we’re waiting to find out more information on baby girl.  From what we’ve heard the social worker is preparing some sort of social report for us to review on her background.  We want to know more about her background, to see her abandonment report and her medical information before we make a yes or no decision on whether we should move forward with adopting this baby girl.  The circumstances and how this is all happening are a bit unusual, so we are trying to be very careful that every t is crossed and i dotted.   We were hoping to get this information by the end of week, but it didn’t happen today.   Not sure we’ll get anything over the weekend, so hopefully early next week we’ll get more information.

We are also working to find the best lawyer for our family.  If we go about this independently and adopt this baby, we’ll need to hire our own Ugandan lawyer.  We’re currently comparing lawyers, talking to other families who have used them, comparing prices and timeframes.  If you are a Uganda family and would like to recommend a lawyer – please email me, I’d love to hear it!   sister_haiti@yahoo.com  :)

Will keep everyone updated.  Thanks for praying for this situation!


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