A couple of days ago, K. was drawing pictures on her easel.  On top of the pictures she wrote “All the sings girls like”.
This was obviously supposed to be “All the things girls like” but K. has no top teeth so when she sounds things out, they come out a bit different.

For example she can’t make the “th” sound right now. So “thing” becomes “sing”.

My mom pointed the word out and said it for her, emphasising the “th” sound. She said “and what do you need to make the “th” sound?” (meaning what letters) — K. got a mischevious look in her eye and exclaimed “TEETH!”
LOL. She cracks us up.

K. and F. were eating waffles this morning for breakfast.  F. looked at my affectionately and said in a sweet voice  “Whenever I eat waffles, I think of you.”  <smiles>
I had to try so hard not laugh….I guess because I’m the only one that fixes waffles for them???  It was very sweet.  :)


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