Adoption Update August 15th 2009

No news on baby girl.  The orphanage director hasn’t emailed me back.  I sent an email yesterday and just asked what is going on.  There are things/issues with the orphanage that are being dealt with that I don’t really feel like I can write about right now – but it is a bit of a sticky situation.   I have a feeling things will not work out with this baby girl.   Please pray for her.     

We did find a lawyer we REALLY like and think we may go with him.  So I guess that is some good news.

Our last homestudy appt is tomorrow!  As far as paperwork left we still need:
– 1 reference letter
– child abuse clearance (taking them forever to come back)
– birth certificates (forgot about this!)
– fire safety inspection (fire dept will not call me back!)
– I-600A approval.

So the plan from here:
Pay the retainer on the attorney (end of the month)
Finish homestudy stuff (by the end of the month)
Pay the rest of the homestudy fees (by the end of the month)
Go see Schnider (end of the month)
Receive a referral (after the attorney receives his retainer fee)
Mail Homestudy and I-600A approval (if ready)
Travel in October (hoping and praying!)
Home before Thanksgiving ????

That’s my dream timeline.  :)

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