OK – so the orphanage director we’ve been talking to about baby girl emailed me yesterday and said I would have baby girls information in my inbox “early tomorrow” (today).   So, of course, I set out to try and guess what that means. 

Does that mean “early tomorrow” his time?  Which would be the middle of the night my time.  Which means it should be in my inbox when I get up in the morning (it wasn’t). 

Or does that mean “early tomorrow” my time, which means he’d be sending it evening his time, which is possible I suppose if he was going to send it before he left for the day.  But then, what does “early tomorrow” mean anyway – what is early to him?  Early morning, before noon, before dark?  Am I crazy?

It is 6pm in Uganda right now.  I’m guessing I won’t get anything today, but I suppose there is still a chance….


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