So much going on. Where to start…..

This week I purchased and cancelled a plane ticket to Uganda.  I was going to leave Monday to deliver our paperwork and identify a child.  For various reasons I started feeling less and less comfortable with this plan.  In order for me to be ready to leave on Monday a LOT of things had to fall into place and many of them just weren’t.    So, thank God, I was able to get a no penalty refund.   Africa has gotten a bit more postponed.   Not our adoption.  That is still moving along just fine.  But this trip.  I may not even make two trips.  I may just do one trip.  We’ll see.  

So, while I’m not going right now, things in our adoption continue to move along.  Our homestudy should be in our hands today I believe.  (come on mail!)  Our lawyer is looking for a baby for us.  What exactly does that mean, you ask?  Looking for a baby?  Well, apparently only certain orphanages are approved by the government.  Our child has to come from one of these approved orphanages.   From what I understand there are a LOT of babies/children in orphanages but many of these orphanages are not approved.  So, our lawyer (or his people) will be contacting the approved orphanages to see if they have any babies/toddlers that need families.   Then they will make sure the paperwork is in order and then, I believe, we’ll get an email from him letting us know he’s found a baby (or babies) and telling us about them.  At that point we’ll decide to move forward or not.   I have no idea how long this will take.  I am NOT good at waiting.  Which is one of the reasons I was anxious to go and find our baby myself.  But, they say patience is a virtue.  Right?  :)

We’re also waiting for our fingerprint appointment for our I-600A.  I had a freakout moment when I realized right after I mailed the I-600A that Keith had signed it in blue ink.  The form is required to be filled out in black ink.  I was able to email our USCIS office and they assured me it would be OK.  Whew!

I have been busy filling out grant applications.  I have found several organizations that allow applications from families that aren’t using an adoption agency.   We’ll see what happens.  They get so many requests and have only so much money to give. 

Our t-shirt fundraiser is still going on.  If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful t-shirt, you can go to the EVERY CHILDS RIGHT link in the post below.   We still need several thousand dollars for our adoption.  I try not to think about it too much because I start to panic.  But I know God will provide.  It will come.


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  1. how come you decided not to go…I did see some stuff on the news in Uganda and fighting and was wondering if that was why??

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